Neosegment is a modern take on seven segment displays

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Neosegment is a modular RGB Seven Segment Display that simplifies displaying numeric information. Capable of showing digits, some letters and symbols in any color without additional circuitry, it is a big upgrade from regular seven segment displays. Makers of all skill levels can use Neosegment in their project without soldering.

Neosegment communicates with microprocessors via a single data pin and is compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266, ESP32 and other architectures. Makers can chain any number of Neosegment modules together to create compelling and highly visible displays.

Using the modules

Already own Neosegment modules? Getting started using them is as easy as:

  • Connect the modules to Arduino, Raspberry Pi or other microcontroller
  • Download one of the software libraries
  • Use the libraries to do anything you wish

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